Seeing the world through my camera

Welcome to my site

Since the early in 2000 I’ve been working as as a developer on different Linux setups

Even though my age says mid 50th’s, I’m retired. Today most of my energy s dedicated to work as a volunteer. Quite a bit of my work is dedicated to the danish diabetes association. Due to the fact that, I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic since 1981.

I’m always claiming that I’m not writing in code..this text does prove me wrong.. I might be a core developer and a translator in the WordPress environment..

Photos From Denmark: city, people, and landscapes

City life in Denmark

Aarhus C livet i byen

My daughter had an accident with her right foot, which gave me an unik opportunity, to spend every day, for all most a year, in the  City of Aarhus

Around Denmark

Slotte og herregaarde

My Wife doesn’t like traveling, She doesn’t feel god around a lot of strangers. that’s why most of our vacations is either at home or around Denmark.


home grown vegetables

It’s not ecological, but we aren’t using any pesticides on our land. We got more than 6 acres garden quite a bit of is used as an Vegetable Garden

My Garden


My Garden is my Health Center. It’s great for clearing the mind. and there’s room for heavy Workout.. and a lot of fresh air 

The Photographer

Since the late 90th’s I’ve been producing around 3000  digital photos every year. Yes I’m using a cloud service as backup for my photos.. The past couple of years up to 10.000 photos a year..